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With the new year I have decided to take the #3030WritingChallange. Every day for 30 days I am going to write for at least 30 minutes. The hope is that at the end of the 30 days I will renew my vow to do it for another 30 days and so on and so forth until the end of the year. That's the plan at least. Day 38 and I have been doing rather well with typing a little everyday. In fact, I am on day 8 of at least four thousand words a day, so I am feeling good! Hoping I keep up the energy to get moving through my novel!

So this page is attached to my main blog, so I forget to update it. But I will try to keep my works updated when I take to really working on any given project. Right now I have a lot of little things going on but I plan to really get in gear about one work in progress and one in the final editing stage. If you want to know what I am working on, keep in touch. Let me know what you have thought of any of my work if you have seen it! I love to hear from people, even if it is to tell me to hurry up and post something else for you to read! I'll let you know!

-The Writer In Me


Currently in the final editing stage, I am about a third of the way through the book. My greatest hope is to get it done, beta'ed, and self published by summer. It will be my first book on the market. I will let you know as soon as it is out there.

Navarre thought he had his life figured out, something not many college freshmen could say. But when he meets and get to know the unique Serenity, he can't help but want to know more. More about her, more about her beliefs, and especially more about the father he never knew, a part of his story that fascinates Serenity.
Together they begin looking for answers about a man Navarre never got to know and come to terms with who he really is.

Oh, I know, not everyone's cup of tea. But I have found writing in this medium has helped me work on my short story writing, as well as getting out ideas that are not big enough for books. I am having fun delving quickly into stories and then leaving them behind without remorse. So, if you want to get a taste of my writing style, you can find me over on ArchiveOfOurOwn.
So I was recently inspired when rewatching the anime Sword Art Online with the kids the other day. Now I am currently working on a Supernatural fanfic based on the SAO world. I am really enjoying manipulating, not only the Supernatural bits, but the SAO parts to better fit each other. I am working on the first story arc and already have plans for the second one, but beyond that I don't yet know if I am going to continue into SAO2 for the continued plot or if I will deviate and finish the story way differently. We will see I guess!

Thanks To The Trench Coat
Dean Winchester, a simple mechanic, finds a trench coat abandoned in the lobby of his auto-shop. When he finds the owner and returns the coat to one Castiel Novak, CPA, he is fascinated by the man he only got to talk to for a few minutes. He runs into him a few more times before he realizes something is just a little off about the man. And Dean has a sinking suspicion it has something to do with Castiel's boyfriend, Balthazar. Can he help Cas without his own feelings getting in the way?

O Captain, Not Our Captain
Dean and Castiel are both members of the crew of one of the Starfleet's ships that serves merely to run errands between planets, a peaceful mission assignment. The two have managed to keep their growing relationship quiet with the exception of only Captain Singer and Dean's best friend Benny. But when Captain John Winchester makes a visit to the ship under the pretense of visiting his sons, his real intentions of recruiting Castiel may throw the couple out in the open. Something they may be ready for if John Winchester wasn't breathing down their necks.

Supernatural - The Game
Dean Smith is a gamer who uses virtual reality to escape his corporate job, family problems, and a girlfriend pressuring him to commit. But when the world's newest and best new game, Supernatural, debuted no one was expecting to be trapped inside the world by its creator Nick Pellegrino.
Now Dean, along with thousands of others around the world, must find a way to beat the game or risk dying inside the game they thought would be fun.

Purgatory - The Rescue
With the clearing of the game, Supernatural, players are finally able to return to their lives in the real world and try to pick up the pieces. That had been the plan for Dean Smith who had hopes of starting a new life with fellow player Castiel Novak. But Dean discovers that Castiel, along with three hundred other players, have not woken up from the game. Instead Dean is led to the game Purgatory, the newest MMORPG where a blurry photo was taken that looks strikingly like Castiel. Now Dean has to make the dive again to try and find the man he fell in love with so that he can bring him back to the real world.

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