Monday, June 26, 2017

Bunny Drop

Yes, another new manga series for me to get caught up in! I just can't help myself, there are so many with such interesting story lines!

Daikichi returns home for his grandfather's funeral only to find a mysterious little girl that no one knows what to do with. It turns out that the 76 year old man was having an romantic affair with a much younger woman and the child was his. Now, with Gramps gone, no one wants to take in the illegitimate girl that never talks. Upset at everyone's reluctance and cruelty toward the little girl, Daikichi makes the rash decision to take in the girl himself. The 30 year old bachelor working long nights as a business man must now change everything about his lifestyle to accommodate this new little person and make her feel like part of a family.

Ok, the plot sold me fast! It's just a little crazy and a lot hopeful and has so much possibility. Then my husband and I discovered that there were 11 episodes of the anime and we watched all those. Afterward there was no doubt in my mind that I would love the mangas because I absolutely love Daikichi and Rin's story already!

Seriously, it's such a cute story with plenty of humor and serious moments balanced wonderfully to paint a real picture of settling into parenthood. My biggest worry is that the manga will leave off at the same time as the anime, because I want so much more of the story!

If you've read it or have recommendations for others like it, let me know! I love hearing your thoughts!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wires and Nerve

Another story in the Lunar Chronicles, Meyer tries her hand in a new medium bringing us a story of Iko, Cinder's android best friend, as a graphic novel. This installment takes place after the events in Winter, Iko is hunting down the mutant wolf hybrids left behind on Earth after the war.

So, I actually picked this one up on a whim. Yes I loved the Lunar series, it is now among my top favorites in fact, but I had not planned to read this one for a little while. But as I was browsing the manga section at the library it caught my eye on the shelf and I grabbed it up without thinking. I am so glad I did! First off, as a huge fan of both Meyer and graphic novels I was thrilled to hear about this beauty. Then the story follows Iko, one of my favorite characters in the series! And she is on Earth which means we get updates on everyone else as well! And of course the story Meyer tells is incredible! Ugh, no wonder I finished it in one day and am seriously considering rereading the series because I want back into that world!

If you have read the series but not this book, get on it! It is a must read! If you have read it all, let me know so we can fangirl together because there is too much to contain! If you haven't picked up any of the books yet...what are you waiting for! It is such a great series with a little something for everyone I think. And this book is just another great addition!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Noragami: Stray God vol. 2

So, I went ahead and picked up the next book in this series, even though I was not thrilled with the first one, simply because I really wanted to give this series a chance. The premise still seems interesting and I know that the annoying character is not always what he seems.

I am glad that I choose to continue. The disjointed story line present int he first volume is nowhere in this one. Yato has now found a new shinki whom he names Yukine and the young girl Hiyori is still following them in hopes of figuring out a way to stop what has been happening to her. With this volume we see more into Yato's serious side and a lot more into the character of Yukine, his new weapon. We even get a teaser at Yato's back story, making me hope that we will see much more about it in future installments.

This is a series that you are going to need to stick with beyond the first manga if  the story sounds interesting. Because I fully think it will be worth it in the end.