Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordstruck / Wednesday Giveaway

For today's giveaway I decided to go ahead and do a review of this last book I have finished and decided to give away. Two posts, one book! ^.~

"Who enthuses about English today? Who transmits enthusiasm? Obviously some professionals do: teachers, professors, critics, and writers. But what of the amateurs, those who love English words and phrases the way other people love porcelain or music?" -Robert MacNeil, Wordstruck (p216)

Don't let the fact that this book took me a while to read color your opinion of it already, I simply took my time with this one while I got busy in in my day to day activities. When I did have the chance to pick up this memoir I read huge chunks in short bits of time, interested in the story Robert MacNeil had to tell.

From a young age MacNeil found himself in love with words. As a child his mother read everything to him, not afraid to introduce her child to the harder poems and works of fiction, and incouraging her son to read anything and everything. This passion for language only grew as he did.

Like most people MacNeil found most interesting the stories that most related to his life at the time, and he devoured them like a starving man, reading through tons of literature. This passion for words is something he shared with his brothers, but not tot he extint that he has seemed to be affected.

This memoir follows the story of his life from the time he was that small boy, sometimes going back to speak of his parents from the beginning of their time together, until he became a first time dad himself and as he dealt with the loss of his father. While he has led a fairly simple life, not making much in the way of adventures, I still found this book very intriguing. As I read I managed to loose track of time as I delved into his story.

But this is not simply a retelling of events, either. At points MacNeil begins to analyze the works he has loved so much over the years, turning bits of the book into moments of literary critism. Being an avid reader, and former UIL participant in LC, I enjoyed these moments of detour. And I hope my unborn daughter did as well as I read the pieces of work outloud to her to hear and feel them better.

All in all I greatly enjoyed this book and wish to pass it on to someone. I hope that there is someone else out there as eager to learn, not only about another person's life with words but about their views on literature, as I was. Someone willing tot ake a chance and take in this book for a little cozy, light reading. Simply leave me a message with your email address if this person is you. I hope someone is willing to take a try on this man's story and will enjoy it as much as I did.

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