Friday, October 9, 2015

Bad Blood

A book written by someone under 30
Not only is Zoe Douglas under 30 years of age, but she is a friend of mine, a former college classmate whom I met in short story writing class! When she asked me to do a quick check of her book and give her a little feedback I may have been way too excited, I just love getting to read something someone I know has written. This book was not a disappointment.

Bad Blood is the story of angels, called kalendes, and demons, known as sinnach, as the the latter group fights to find a way to Earth and the unsuspecting humans living there. The story begins in middle of the war but the beginning of the battle for some new recruits as they struggle not only to fight the enemy but to discover the truth about everything that is going on int heir world as people lie, motives become muddied, and sides become unclear. So much more of the story must soon come as Zoe works to tell her version of events relative to forces people have talked about forever.

I will say this. The story does slow down a bit in some places as Zoe tries to give the reader so much more information than may seem necessary at the time being, but will soon become vital to the story unfolding. If the reader will only hang in just a little longer when this happens, I truly believe it is worth it. This book is something else! I eagerly await the next one to find out the grand tale Zoe is planning on telling us.

Give this book a try, I think Zoe has a new vision of how things are working out beyond our realm and a wonderful way of telling it.

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