Monday, October 17, 2016

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

October - Bestsellers

My mother, a huge fan of Gaiman, had this book autographed and then gave it to me. As soon as I saw the theme for this month, I knew I was going to pick this one up. Gaiman is a bestselling author, and for very good reason, and this book is one among many that have earned a spot at the top of any list.

In true Gaiman fashion, this is a story set in the mundane world, completely possible events happening interwoven with elements of the fantastic. The story follows a man who has gone home for his father's funeral and decides to visit the house of a childhood friend. But sitting in front of the pond in her yard, memories come rushing in, of an event he had forgotten, that was so incredible it is hard to believe fully, and yet looking back on it, he never questions the validity of the memory.

The story moved a little slower than I would have liked, although I think that may have been due to the fact that this wasn't the book I wanted to be reading right now. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. And of course I did, because Gaiman is such an incredible writer, there is no "not liking" his works. I am so glad that I got to read this one, too, because it was all such an incredible tale with an ending that left me thinking simply "wow, huh".

I think this is going to be one that I come back to again in the future, to see if it is different for me, because it was great even n my slight disinterest this time around. Have you read Gaiman? Have you read this one? What do you think? Let me know.

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