Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Marriage?!

I found this when looking for something new to read a few weeks back, but put it on hold to finish the Library Wars that I was able to get my hands on. Now, after reading Warrior Song, I thought this was kind of perfect for reading next. It keeps to the theme of an unwanted marriage.

In this story a young woman, Chiwa, is faced with the very heavy debts of her father who is not the most business savy man, Then one day she is called into the offices of the president of the company she works for only to find out that her grandmother is one of the reasons why the company is what it is. And because of that the Chairman of the company has a proposal: he will cover her father's debts if Chiwa agrees to marry his grandson, the president whose office they are in. While not happy with the idea, Chiwa feels like she has no other choice but to agree. And things get rocky.

It's a bit of an overused theme, I will say that. But then, it is overused because there is so much that can be done with it, so many paths things can take, so many things that can go wrong in this type of story. And being in a manga gives the story a more entertaining aspect that I thought would be fun.

So far, I was right! It's not as simple as marrying a guy and pretending to be happy for this young woman. First, she has to play the part because grandpa is watching! Then she has to deal with her insecurities which have her thinking that there is no way this man could want to be married to her. And she also has her own drama to deal with, like an idiot father and nosey friends.  In just one volume the story is fun, bright, sweet, and crazy! I am loving it already! Give it a shot!

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