Monday, April 15, 2013

Night Angel


The books contained within the trilogy, which I have in omnibus form, are The Way of Shadows, Shadow's Edge, and Beyond The Shadows, all by Brent Weeks.

I picked up this trilogy upon my husband's request since he had read it more than a year before me and had just loved it. That being said, I was still hesitant to read it since our tastes have differed on past novels. But this book was on my shelf and I was determined to make my way through all the books I owned. And boy am I glad to have given this one a chance, because it turned out my husband was right!

The series is set in a world where everyone is divided by class lines (sounds familiar) but there is very little to no chance of someone jumping into a better life than the one they are born into. However, one boy, Azoth, is deteremined not to be a begger and pick-pocket for the rest of his life answering to bullies bigger than him. Instead he amazingly convinces a master assassin to take him on as an apprentice. The Way of Shadows is the story of Azoth from the time he is a young boy trying to find Durzo Blint's approval until he gains that approval and takes on his first missions. Shadow's Edge continues the story of Azoth, who is now called Kyler. The kingdom he lives in has undergone a dramatic take over and life as Kyler knows it has changed, and maybe not for the better. Beyond The Shadows concludes the trilogy, picking up with Kyler as he tries to finish what he and his friends have started with the taking back of the kingdom.

Throughout the whole trilogy there are elements that are mixed into the tale to be revealed only when the time is right, meaning that there were many times I was just as shocked at the truth as Azoth/Kyler. I was even astonished to realize that at the end of it all I was surprised at how events end, something that I don't encounter much any more. Weeks is an amazing author that managed to keep both my husband and I, and others I have spoken to, on the edge of our seats and entertained throughout the whole story. He is an author I look forward to revisiting when I get the chance.

I highly recomend this trilogy to anyone looking for action, a little romance, an unlikely group of heros, plot twists, and fantasy that takes bits of our world and uses them to enhance the world Weeks has created. This is a book that will deffinetely never leave my possesion!

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