Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is a complicated love story about a man that falls in love with a woman living alone in a large house with her son. The questions that plague the rest of the community of people looking for the evil in everyone do not seem to bother him, but when things start to spin our of the tenant's hands, she decides to give her diary to the man she has fallen for so that he will know everything. Thus begins the back story of Helen which is a sad story indeed.

This was my first encounter with a Bronte, and I must admit it was not a bad one. I loved this tale of a woman trying to make her life better than what she was given and the men whom have so influenced her life, including her son. It was a book club read or, I will freely admit, I might never have picked it up as I tend to not like classics. I was once more corrected and made to enjoy an incredible author that managed to make me feel utturly heartbroken at her main character's plight.

I recommend this to those that can handle authors such as Jane Austin, as the writing can be a little difficult to understand for some. However, I highly recommend that anyone that has not taken the time to pick this one up yet, do so soon. It was a great book that I am glad to say I read, and it makes me eager to pick up yet another Bronte, hopefully in the very near future.

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