Friday, February 27, 2015

Bobby Singer's Guide To Hunting

A book a friend recommended.

David Reed is a script coordinator for the show Supernatural and has even wrote a few of the episodes himself. So when he picked up his pen to write a companion book to the show, telling the story of Bobby Singer a little more in depth, it was an excellent idea! Reed takes a character that has grown in importance throughout the show, one who is greatly loved (and missed) by fans, and gives him a tough case that makes him take a closer look back at his life as he fights loosing his memories to a monster he can't even remember encountering. Through his nostalgia we find out more about the crotchet old hunter than we are allowed since the show is very focused instead on Dean and Sam Winchester. By reliving his memories, Bobby tells the reader about how he started hunting, a story he never felt comfortable with elaborating on in the show since it all started with heartbreak. The reader is also privy to some of the hardest memories in Bobby's catalogue including what exactly happened in Omaha between him and Rufus Turner, and the details of the last time he saw John Winchester and his boys, something that is only hinted at in the series when Dean seeks the old hunter out after years of silence. Underlying all of this is a memory Bobby refuses to let surface, the only thing we are left mostly in the dark about, but maybe for good reason.

As a fan of the show, and admittedly a reader of fan fiction (hush, some of it is really good!) I loved getting the chance to read this addition to the show. It gave the fan in me a little more info about one of my favorite characters that is actually fact based. I mean come on, a show writer wouldn't lead us astray, right? Let's hope, even if it means that now I feel even more heartbreak for the character that meant so much to the Winchester brothers.

So why does it fulfill this particular goal? Well because every week our closest friend gather for dinner, every other time being here at my house. At some time during the night the conversation usually dissolves into talk about the latest episode of one of the shows we all have in common: Supernatural. A couple of weeks ago one of the woman in attendance hands me this book and says "oh my gosh, I couldn't put it down, you have to read it." She said it only took her two days to read it. This is a woman with a full time job and two toddlers. If she flew through it with what little time she has, of course I am going to be interested! So I read it! Loved it! And this week I will be passing it on to another woman in the group so she can love it as we did. That's the great thing about gathering with people I. Your fandom and who like to read, you get to pick up new books! Because while I love the show, I may never have gotten around to picking up this book, or at least no time soon. And I am so glad I got the chance.

So find a friend, ask what they would recommend. You never know when you will find something new to love. And always think of someone else who will like any book you really enjoy, pass on the joy!

Onto the next item on the list!

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