Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Reading Plan

A new year, a new challenge for myself in the world of books. 

This year I am rejoining a book club that my sister and mother started a few years back. We have moved it to Goodreads since I am rarely able to join them for discussions. I love being able to talk books with people, especially these two since they are not only fellow avid readers, but they are writers as well. These traits, along with our diverse taste in books, always leads to some very interesting conversations. I am really looking forward to the year ahead!

So there have been some rule changes for the group since I left and they made the group honestly more appealing for me. 1) We each read 2 book that fit the monthly theme. 2) They don't have to be the same book as the other members, although they have been known to lend the book to the other after finishing. 3) They are books they already own. 

With me having a very wide selection of books, including some random ones neither of the other two would think of adding to their own shelves, and having too many that I haven't yet had the chance to read, these new rules were the best thing! 

This all means that this year I plan on reading at least 24 books. A much more manageable number since I tend to set the bar too high and never reach the number. I went ahead and added a few more books to the number making it an even 30. That's only an extra book every two months. I can do that!

So here it goes! A new year and a new list of books to read and review!

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