Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Would-Be Witch

This one was a just for fun when I should be reading others book that I saw while walking the shelves at the library. It's been sitting on the stack for a few weeks and finally yesterday I told myself I either pick it up and read it or take it back so I can focus of others. Well, I read it! In on day.

So, Tammy Jo is a small town Texan girl. At 23 she is a very popular pastry chef with sass and an ex husband that does not believe in the divorce paperwork. Oh, and she comes from a very long line of powerful witchy women. Only, she has no magic. At all. And now she has no job. And the locket that contains a dead ancestor's soul has been stolen. Chaos has descended on Tammy Jo's small town life and she is just trying to hold onto the bits.

I haven't read a book in this genre in a while now, it having been way longer than I would care to admit since I picked up a Kim Harrison book to enjoy. But for some reason I saw this one and it really caught my attention. And now I am so glad that I decided to read it before forcing myself to give it up as a lost cause. Because this was such a fun read and I am itching to pick up the next one.

Tammy Jo is a very sassy southern woman, which makes her instantly likable in my opinion. Throw in her magical heritage and the 2 gorgeous guys she has fawning over her, and she has a lot I wish I had. Plus an absolutely amazing cat! All of this makes the story very upbeat and fast paced as Tammy Jo tries to not only figure out what is going on but try to fix what little she can with her limited resources. Then you have broody warlocks that should be off limits, werewolves with their wires crossed, a very flamboyant but helpful vampire, all thrown into a town of muggles so oblivious it's dangerous. But it all works! Frost manages to fill the pages with these odds and ends wonderfully, inciting me to continue reading well into the night to try and figure out just what was going to happen to everyone!

Now, I am not saying this book was the best ever written. I really hope you don't pick it up expecting a masterpiece only to crash my comments in upset. No, this book was simply fun. I have no major complaints about it, none, because it is what it is without trying to be something better. It's a short, quirky supernatural romance with a very stubborn female lead who is caught between two wonderful men who have their faults. It was a quick fun read that was just good enough to get me to pick up the next one in hopes of more of the same. The characters were wonderfully balanced creations of good and bad so that I loved every one of them (except the werewolves obviously) and the story had just enough weight that it gave me a reason to keep turning the pages.

I really enjoyed it and hope you do to if you choose to pick it up! I look forward to the next one in the series!

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