Monday, April 11, 2016

Scream Street : Blood Of The Witch

The second book in the Scream Street series, this book continues the story of young Luke's adventure to find the relics of the town's founding fathers so he can open a portal back to the real world so his parents can get out of the crazy town! Accompanied by his two friends, Resus and Cleo, he is on the hunt for the second relic. But it's not just the supernatural scavenger hunt they have to face as the conniving Sir Otto Sneer has created yet another problem for the residents of Scream Street to try and get his hands on the book helping Luke.

This book was a bit sillier than the first since Sir Otto's plan causes first the creation of vampire rats which only spreads to the occupants of the small town. But hey, what do you expect when reading a kid's book about monsters if not a little silliness to help keep the audience entertained. It was still full of funny moments, actions scenes, and even a light-hearted drama as Luke's parents try to fit in.

Again this was a cute book in the series, and I like where things are going for the character's and story. I enjoyed it and can't wait for my son to bring home the next one for me to read! I will let you know what he thinks about it as soon as he gets the chance to read it, too!

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