Monday, April 11, 2016

Scream Street : Fang Of The Vampire

Jareth found this book at the school library and brought it home to read. Of course I saw it and thought, "well that looks interesting" and knew I had to read it. The reading level listed on the inside is 4.8, so of course it was a fairly easy read for me, which is good because I am pretty sure it is overdue.

It turned out to be a cute little story following three kids as they start a scavenger hunt for objects to help them get out of the town in which they live because one of them is worried for his parents. Oh, the kids just happen to be a warewolf, vampire, and mummy and they are getting the clues for the relics needed from a talking book!

As the first book in the series it followed their journey to finding the book and the first object needed. It is a delightful twist on the monster story with this young man worried for his parents who happen to be completely normal. The book is complete with daring moments, witty speech, and a few shenanigans. What do you expect when one of the characters is a zombie of what I am sure was once a hippie stoner!

Jareth didn't get the chance to read the book since they were accidentally hidden in my room among other books, but he is going to be checking them out once more from the library so that he can give them a chance as well. I'll add his opinion to this post when he does. In the meantime I have to say I enjoyed it and am quickly picking up the next book! I think it's a great pick for any young readers looking for something different in their main characters!

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