Friday, June 17, 2016

Serenity Vol. 2 & 3

Vol 2 - Better Days

Following the example of the first book in the series, this one begins with a letter from one of Serenity's crew members: Adam Baldwin who played Jayne Cobb, the "Hero of Canton." It's nice to see his words, the excitement he had for the show and his characters, and his admiration for Joss Whedon. It's a great way to start a book.

Another day, another crime for the crew of Serenity, and another chance for things to go epically wrong. This chapter in the story focuses around two men hunting down the crew for very different reasons, one to get revenge on Mal and his crew for destroying something he created for a job, and an Alliance Special Ops guy looking to take in a former terrorist. Of course there is action, misunderstanding, chaos, and humor as the crew deals with this new problem.

Again, I loved the story!

Vol. 3 - The Shepherd's Tale

One of the biggest mysteries in the series has been Shepherd Book's past. How is it that the priest is so good at fighting, knows so much about the internal workings of the Alliance, feels such heavy guilt? Well, here is the glimpse into his past that fans have been waiting for. And it is everything I could have asked for and more.

Being a graphic novel, and I suspect it would have been the same if this story had been told in an episode, there is little space for a story to completely unfold, and Book's story goes way back in his life. But using a reverse timeline and focusing on pretty pivotal moments, this chapter gives us a ton of insight on Book! A great addiction to the story in my opinion.

In a change of protocol this chapter is ended with a letter to the reader. Instead of getting words from Chris Samnee, the man who played Book, we instead get Zack Whedon's take on this story line, the man who actually wrote it. And it lends the perfect parting words for this character and his story.

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