Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Only Pirate At The Party

June - Books written by celebrities.

This was the perfect book to read shortly after reading Felicia Day's You're Never Weird On The Internet (almost), because it is now my firm belief that if these two women have not met they need to. They are so similar in so many aspects, and maybe that is what drew me further into Stirling's book, well that and the fact that there were so many times when it sounded like it was being narrated by one of my closest friends.

Another good friend of mine told me I had to read this book when she found out what my book club's theme was this month. She is a fan of Stirling and had bought this book on Audible and wanted me to read it. I agreed since I needed a second book for the theme, but now I, too, am a fan of Stirling.

If you don't know who Stirling is, let me give you the quickest of updates. Lindsey Stirling was a contestant on America's Got Talent (don't remember the year) but she didn't make it very far, because even though she has a very unique gift on the violin, she may not be everyone's cup of tea. But Lindsey did not let that stop her (for very long) and now she is a big performer where she tours playing hip hop violin. Yeah, you read that right. If you have never seen her work I think Shadows and Elements are incredible places to start.

This book gives us a very deep insight into Stirling's life, from her first forays into violin to her battle with an eating disorder, and she does it in incredibly funny and moving ways. I highly recommend listening to the book since it is narrated by Stirling herself, because it gives you the chance to hear her words in her voice, which packs quiet a punch. I found it incredibly moving as she spoke of the people closest to her and ached to give her a hug as she spoke of Jason Gaviati, a band member who has since passed.

Stirling is filled with life and hope and passion not only for what she does but for life in general. And getting a chance to listen to her story is something I am grateful for. I am so glad I listened to a friend's recommendation and I am passing it on to all of y'all. Read this book! And check out her videos! Which, by the way, while writing this post I found a new incredible video, so go check out Master of Tides.

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