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"What follows is not difficult to understand; the concepts are basic - utterly effortless in their application. But the human spirit thrives on creating complexity where simplicity would do as well, and I have accepted that most people will close themselves to what I will say. Still, a few will understand. It is to them I most owe this story." -Douglas Cole, Discipline (p 8)

Well, where do I start with this book? How about to say that I really enjoyed it. The way in which this book is written makes the reader really think about each event as it happens. I was constantly wondering if every little thing had an effect on the loop in which the characters found themselves, or if the eveents had happened the first time or were slightly changed. It's an exsercise  in observance.

I must say the book is almost in 2 parts. (Actually it it divided into multiple parts, but that doesn't apply here). The first half almost reads like an autobiography, and with most of it being so mundane I found myself sometimes forgetting that it was actually a work of fiction. Only two scenes were bizarre enough not to be real, but even then the authors handles the suspinsion of disbelief so well I was made to shrugg it off and think "Yeah, that could have happened."

The second half of the book however is more unbelievable. But this does not take away from the story; in fact, I believe it made it better. Constantly you are trying to reconcile the man Douglas Cole becomes with the boy he once was.  And the complexity of the second half of the book keeps pulling you forward, constantly making you wonder what could possibly happen next to keep it all going.

I will say the ending seemed a little cut off. With 20 pages left I began to worry if it was the first in a series or if we were going to be left with millions of unanswered questions, much like the character of Douglas Cole is when it is all said and done. However, (like Douglas) the reader is left with a sense of peace with what they have been given. I only had one question and Gary and I having a discussion about the ending solved my curiousity.

SPOILER ALERT: (highlight the following for a little detail) <<My favorite part of the book is when Texas decides to secceed from the United States!>> A bonus was that nearly entirely the whole story took place in Colorado and Texas. Two of my favorite places on earth!

This book was wonderfully written, with an interesting plot and characters that pull you in and hold onto your attention. I would recommend it to anyone willing to take a leap into the unknown. You even get a little bit of a lesson with the subkects surrounding the plot as characters try to discribe aspects of the universe to Douglas. But it is well written, as I have said, and I believe the reader doesn't feel bogged down be the knowledge at all.

I hope many of you take the time to read this book, as it really is a good one! If you do, let me know what you think of it.

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