Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Hunger Games

<<Qoute to come when I get the book back>>
Yes, I finally picked the book up andread it. And yes, I only read the first one since I am technically not supposed to read any of the three books until next year when I tackle all the series books on myshelves. So just be glad I took the time to read this one when I have another 100+ left on this year's list. ANYWAY!

This book has been recommended to me by just about everyone I know and I finally sat down to read it with only 20 days left until the movie is in theaters. And I am ever so glad that I listened and read the book because it really was an incredible read.

When summing it up for a friend last night I told her "it's about these gladiator type games where a boy and girl from each district is made to fight until there is only one left. Then the night before the games the boy admits he loves the girl he has to compete with." She smiled and said how now she didn't have to read it because she knew what it was about. I shook my head, no there is more to it than that. And to be fair yes any body that has read more than a handful of books in their life will see the outcome from the start, but you still don't know what the ending is. This is a must read book.

Which points can I point out? All of them were amazing in this book. The story was great, the characters where relatable and you are drawn to love or hate whomever needs it, it is well written and manages to make the first person narrative work very well, and every part of the story keeps you wanting to read more.

I must say that I am excited to see how they make this one into a movie, and I hope like hell Hollywood doesn't botch the job. I also look forward to picking up the next two next year. These are a few books that will never find their way off my shelves unless it is for a short term loaning. I hope everyone gets the chance to pick these great reads up!

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  1. I think the movie was pretty awesome, and I truly believe they are three of the most amazing novels ever written. They were beautiful and painful and honest. I was definitely an emotional wreck because I read all three back to back, but it was worth it, even if I get totally weepy every time I even think about it. Can't wait for you to read the next two!