Monday, June 18, 2012


Ok, since one of my followers has finally decided to join this incredible site, I guess it is finally time to bring it to the attention of the rest of my readers.

My sister introduced me to BookMooch and now I am passing on the love. It is a site dedicated to passing on books. You sign up and with your account you post all the books you have that you would like to get rid of. Others do the same. When you find a book you want you send a little request asking for them to send you the book. The whole thing works on points. For every book you list on the site you get a tenth of a point; for every book you send you get 1 point for in country shipments and 3 points for sending it to another country; and for every book you request you give up 1 point, 2 for books from another country.

I have been on the site for a few months now, keeping it to myself until I could actually give an opinion on the whole thing. I have sent out a few books and recieved 3, so I have experienced both sides now. Sending the books is not that costly, well in country that is, and I think sometimes it is worth it to clear out the books I no longer want. Going to the post office and spending $5 on an envelope and shipping is easier than driving to Lewisville for a Half Price Books that may not take the books or give me much in return.

And just recently I finally found some books that I wanted enought o send a request for a mooch. The books showed up in the mail quickly after they accepted the requests. I am happy with the books and the site! I fully recommend everyone giving it a chance! If you do give me a shout-out: MommaChristy! Check out the books I have listed (which so far are the ones I have listed as weekly giveaways), and browse through what others have to offer!

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