Sunday, June 24, 2012

Deep Storm

'"The century?" Crane repeated. unable to keep the disbelief from his voice.
"You're right to be skeptical. But this is no deception. It's the last thing from it. Still, 'discovery of the century' may not be quite accurate."
"I didn't think so," Crane replied.
"I should have called it the greatest discovery of all time."' -Deep Storm (p. 17-18)

Deep Storm is a super secret government research operation two miles beneath the ocean surface; so secret that they hired people to simply walk around the oil rig abover the water so that anyone looking on from aircraft or satelites won't think anything is going on. Meanwhile, they bring in Doctor Peter Crane to figure out why so many of the staff on the "Facility" are getting sick with such different symptoms at an alarming rate. But something more is going on in the "Facility" that Crane needs to find out about if he hopes to discover what is making everyone sick. And it's a something that puts discovering the lost city of Atlantis to shame.

When I first picked up the book I was a little worried by the reviews on Goodreads. With many people saying that it was excellently written but it was a poor book I had no idea what to expect. I am glad that this year's challange made me read the book whether I wanted to or not, because I enjoyed it greatly. Along with being so well written, the story is incredibly well developed and the plot is very captivating. I didn't expect what I found in the pages of this book. I kept expecting to be dissappointed at the end, but yet again found that I was worried for nothing as the end had be shocked, saddened, and awestruck.

This is one book that I would recommend to everyone I come across. Not only to those that love a good mystery or thriller, but to anyone who enjoys a good book. I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy it as much as I did. A big thumbs up for Lincoln Child and this is me eagerly hunting out copies of his other novels.

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