Saturday, June 9, 2012

Honor Bound

"He toyed with a strand of her hair. 'I could just haul you out of here, you know.'
'Kidnap me?'
'You did that already.'
'It was the smartest thing I ever did.'
'It was the best thing that could have happened to me.'" -Lucas and Aislinn, Honor Bound (p. 246)

Honor Bound by Sandra Brown is about Lucas Greywolf, an escaped convict on a mission, and Aislinn Andrews, the woman he decides to kidnap. Their story starts out with their open hatred of each other until Aislinn discovers the reason he broke out of prison was to be with his dieing grandfather. But the story really takes a turn when Lucas is finally released from prison and visits Aislinn once more only to discover that she has kept a very big secret from him.

While this is not my normal read, I in act got this book against my will from a former roommate, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it. Yes some of the novel was still a little too much for me (graphic, cheesy? I am not sure exactly what, just too much) but over all it was good.

The story went beyond what I thought it would. When I first picked up the book I dreaded the thought of 250 pages of sexual tension between the two main characters. Instead I was very surprised to find Lucas Greywolf back behind bars and the story kept going only a third of the way into the novel. When the twist came along I had seen it coming for a little while, but still it was a un plot twist.

Yes the characters where a little static, but what did I really expect from a novel of this genre? Lucas is given more depth as the story progressed and Aislinn slowly grew a real backbone. The ending was a little too happy, but it worked out for the novel just the same. As I said, I enjoyed the novel dispite my original opinion. I would recommend this book to my friends that enjoy the more adult books.

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