Friday, June 15, 2012

The Tear Thief

The Tear Thief is an intresting story about a man that, you guessed it, steals tears. The book is set in a dangerous uture where people suffer from a desease that takes away one's emotions. The only way to feel again is to drink tears farmed from those who are still capable of feeling. However there are some that want more exotic tears fromcertain people who are not in the farms. This is where the thiefs come into play. They steal tears in exchange for the world's finest pieces of art.

While the story really has the capability of being a very amazing read, I believe the author let it go a little too soon. There are parts that need a little more explination or background information as well as parts that could use a little more padding with details. The ending was rather abrupt and a little too neat for my tastes.

However, I did enjoy it and I would recommend it to anyone looking or a quick and unique story. Give it a chance, you might really enjoy it!


  1. This is the first time that I have seen this book. It sounds promising despite its faults. Thank you for your review and introduction.

  2. It was a very interesting book. You can find it for free on the Nook. I suggest you give it a try! Glad my review could introduce you to something new.