Tuesday, September 13, 2016


September: eBook/Audio book

While most of this series has been nonstop action due to the nature of the story, I think this books really brings it all to the front. From the beginning we have our characters running, moving to not only keep ahead of the Queen and the soldiers from Earth, but also to get to the next thing they have to do in order to make things right. Slowly a plan starts to come together for Cinder and her little band of misfits, but in order for her to make things work a lot has to go exactly right. Which of course means that it doesn't.

Without wanting to give away too much I will say that there is plenty of action, drama, and feels in this third book in the Lunar Chronicles. We are also given new characters to complicate the web that Meyer has been spinning, characters with backstories that add not only to the background picture, but to how things will turn out. We get the chance to figure out some more key details to the plot and they are intense revelations.

Even being much longer than the first two books, I had no trouble at all getting through this one just as quickly, the story pulling me along effortlessly. And I eagerly anticipate an incredible final book as I hit download to Winter, the conclusion of the series.

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