Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stars Above

September: eBooks/Adiobooks

This was the perfect conclusion to the series. (Yes I am aware there is another novella, Fairest, but I got enough of Levana in the books, thanks.) Here we have a collection of short stories surrounding the pasts of our characters, including one other new one, and a bonus epilogue that takes place 2 years after the events in Winter.

I loved being given a little closer look at some of the things that had been hinted at throughout the series, more detailed accounts of events that helped shape our favorite characters. Along with another, somewhat random, story of an android that only briefly touches Cinder, but is powerful in its own right. Then, the epilogue! Oh wow, it was perfect in the way it finished off the stories of the characters I have grown so close to in the past few weeks. Yes, I found myself wiping away tears more than once while listening to this one.

It is going to be sad saying goodbye to this series. But let's be honest, I will be coming back, perhaps frequently, to revisit these amazing people and their stories. For now, I happily tuck them away among my favorites, and look forward to reading more of Meyer's work in the future. Let me know what you think of the series!

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