Tuesday, September 20, 2016


September: eBooks/Audiobooks

Oh wow! How do I even write this review? My mind is all over the place because this series was just so incredible. Trying to tell you how amazing it is while not giving away any spoilers in case you have not read it, or any of the series, is hard. There is so much that is incredible about this book and the series in general. Let me try to tell you.

In Winter we have finally reached the end of the story. But things are not as simple as tying up a few loose ends. No. There is a whole bunch to be taken care of! With plenty of characters and many different story lines coming together to get tangled up, it is no wonder that this book is so much longer than the ones before it. And Meyer does an incredible job of handling it all! She weaves these stories, moving around all the knots in the threads effortlessly to bring everything to various points of epic importance, and then the threads are off headed for a new knot the author must work through. There is a lot going on in this book!

Meyer is such an amazing author! Many times I found myself so worried about these characters, I finally had to turn to my friend, the one who recommended the series, and demand "Just let me know it all ends up alright. No details, just reassurance." Because the drama just got so complex, I was sure there was no way this would end well. Hint: It does. Sorta.

After all, things can't magically be made better by the end of the tale. There are still issues to be dealt with. And the fact that Meyer knows this, that she gives you a happy ending with a few issues, makes the story that much better. She gives you hope though, and that is what is important. I really look forward to reading the collection of short stories next in Stars Above.

Let me restate: Meyer writes an incredible story with amazing characters that will stay with you forever after!

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