Monday, January 16, 2012


"No matter when and why this comes to your hands, I want to put down on paper how things started with us." -Kelly Corrigan, Lift (pg6)

Kelly Corrigan knows that as her two girls grow and change she will too, as a mother. She doesn't know how she will change, if it will be good or not, and she decides she wants her girls to remember her how she was in the beginning. This is a wonderful idea. So, keeping this in mind, Corrigan writes down memories from when her girls were young; just a few little things but enough to mean so much.

This was a short read, but it still had enough that I smiled, laughed, and nearly cried many times. It was an incredible read that got me thinking about my own children and the relationship we have. I loved it and am looking forward to getting my hands on her other book, The Middle Place. And I must recommend this book to any and all mothers.

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