Friday, January 13, 2012

The Science of Heroes

"It's difficult to stop the process of investigating the extraordinary, of poking at mysteries. We are curious creatures, living in a universe full of wonders, beauty, fascinating phenomena, and amazing complexity. This is what we do. The process of science is a powerful tool for learning to appreciate how it works."  -Yvonne Carts-Powell, The Science of Heroes (p. 277)

For a book filled with science and facts, it was suprisingly easy to read. I might not remember all of it tomorrow, but I enjoyed reading it today. The author did a good job of organzing the text by defining which superpowers are completely out there, to the ones we are developing technology today to allow, to those that are possible. Leaving the mysterious Peter and Syler for last.

It was all written simply enough, but at times I did find myself kind of saying, "Well, duh, even I knew that." Still it was a nice read that I would recommend to any that have an interest in further exploring the scientific aspect of the TV show Heroes.

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