Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Want a book?

I mentioned yesterday that my plan is to begin getting rid of every book that I own that I do not love. This is a hard thing for me because even the books I have never read have a pull on my heart. But I know that I can't keep books simply because they might be good to read one day, hence why I am taking on the endevour to read all of the ones I own.

This of course leaves me with certain books that while they were good reads, I might not really want them on my shelf, for whatever reason. If I read a book that I know someone will love I will usually send it to them. Now, it's time for everyone to help me out with this.

Every week I will try to post a book that I want to give away. Some of them I read a while back but have finally decided to let go of. Others I have read this year and didn't like as much as I thought I would. If the book interests you, let me know. I will send it to you on my own expense.

I know it sounds like I am tossing off the bad books, but that's not always true. Soem books I have accedentally purchased two of. Or maybe I have the entire series in hardback except the first or third book, I am a collector which means I will buy the hardback and give up the paperback.

If no one claims the book by the next Wednesday, the day I have obviously chosen to give up these books, I will put it in my Half-Price bag. At the end of the year I am taking all those books to Half-Price to sell back, after I post a last attempt at giving them away.

This all starts next week on the 11th when I have time to pull out more books.

I hope some of these gems find good homes!

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