Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What is Book Lust?

Last night while at Barnes and Noble I found a book called BookLust. The author said that one of her biggest regrets was that she had not kept track of every book she had read. I could relate. While I have recently started keeping track of the books and when I read them, I often find that I don't remember what the book was about. So I decided to start writting little reviews and comments about each book that I read.

This year I have also taken on the challange of reading every book on my shelf that I have not yet read. I plan on finally getting rid of the books I don't like, any that I don't think any of my friends will read, and making room for more in the future. So, as I read the books and review them on here my friends can keep up with what I have on my shelf, what I want to give away (in case they may want it), and what I think of the books in case they choose to borrow a book from me.

So, please follow me on my journey to read everything I get my hands on! Let me know what you think of the books I read. If you would like a chance to read a book that I haven't liked, feel free to ask for it, you never know, you might find the next book to change your life. Also, if you feel compelled to take this challange of finally tackling that to-read list, feel free to join me and tell me what you are reading.

Indulge your lust for books; I will!

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